About the festival

“St. Petersburg Theatre Seasons” Festival has become an annual cross-cultural project, which is meant to build and develop cultural relations between St. Petersburg and and other cities and art centers all over the world.

We show performances of St. Petersburg theatres, have discussions about art directors and art professionals who work in the cultural capital of Russia. Our Festival has been held since 2007.
During these 15 years the performances of “St. Petersburg Theater Seasons” have been shown in Prague, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Marseille, Milan, Athens and many other cities. At various times the most prominent theatres of the city took part in the festival. These were Alexandrinsky Theatre, Lensovet Theatre, “Priut komedianta” Theatre, Bolshoi Puppet Theatre, Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre and many others.
Nowadays we are online.

In two years of the global lockdown, we found ways to make ourselves comfortable at home: we can invite our loved ones, cook dinner and enjoy watching a performance together. We can even watch performances with our children (what if the children happen to be reluctant readers and dislike school curriculum?). We can get together with our friends for a hot dinner, order pizza and turn on a video player. We can even watch the plays wearing pajamas, no need to go out for that.

Classics does not require anything from us and at the same time it is so understandable. Classics neither requires us buying caviar sandwiches nor wearing our best clothes.